The only version provided to download is the free version. For further details about this version, click here.

Before you download the product please make sure that you have all the necessary documents, manuals and tutorials. In order to obtain this material go to the documentation link or click here .

Please visit our website regularly to download the latest version of our product.

Download the Database Management System by choosing one of the options below. Depending on your bandwith, the download duration may vary.

Downloading From a High Speed Internet Line.

Installation Package size: 5.9 MB

The Mutant does NOT use shared dll's or other libraries. All its modules are located in the same hierarchy. It is perfectly safe.


Downloading From a Medium Speed Internet Line.

Please download the three files below into one directory on your computer and double-click the file mutant.part01.exe. Each file is 2 MB.


Downloading From a Slow Speed Internet Line.

The package has been split into six files 1 MB each one.

step 1 :Download all the files into any directory on your computer.
step 2 :Run the program called mutant.part01.exe. This will install the Mutant (using all parts).